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Similan Platter

Chicken Satay, Coconut Shrimp(3),

Money Bags(4), and Crispy Spring Rolls(3) served with plum sauce, peanut sauce, and cucumber Relish

Fresh Rolls Tofu

Rice paper, fresh slaw, seasoned tofu, mint, basil, peanut sauce and plum sauce



Chicken Satay

Grilled marinated chicken, toasts, peanut sauce, and cucumber relish


Vegetable dumplings with soy-citus sauce



Crispy Spring Rolls

Vermicelli, vegetable and sweet plum sauce


Steamed Mussels

In mild-spicy green curry broth and basil


Mieng Kahm

Green leaves, shrimps, toasted coconut, ginger, lime, shallots, and peanuts


Coconut Crusted Shrimp

Wtih assorted vegetables fritter, tamarind and sweet-chili sauces


Crispy Tofu

Served with tamarind sauce & crushed peanuts


Fried Calamari

Served with sweet-chili sauce


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